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Areas of Specialty:

Merchant Leads


Generate Fresh, Exclusive, real-time Merchant Cash Advance/Business Loan Leads, and Merchant Account Leads processing $10k+ per month.

SMB Marketing


No matter what type of product or service you offer to the SMB Market, We will get your foot in the door via our proven method. We are Champions in B2B Lead Generation!

Insurance Leads


Are you a carrier, agency owner, or individual agent searching for exclusive insurance leads? Welcome to your #1 source for truly exclusive, low cost insurance leads.  

Online Marketing


Need to market your MLM, Pain Gel, or any product for that matter? Learn more about how we save our clients a ton of marketing dollars by assisting with the best online marketing strategies.



Let us show you why we’re the Champions of Live Lead Transfers! is a breakthrough, online marketing hub which generates live sales 


lead transfers for a number of niche markets and specialties. If you're searching for 


business to consumer leads or business to business leads, we have you covered. Our proven 


method generates thousands of low cost, 100% exclusive, live lead transfers per day. So 


what are you waiting for? Live chat with a sales lead expert now!  



 ChampionLeads Convert into Sales...Period! 


 We are experts at our craft! provides several multi-faceted marketing 


platforms designed to do one thing and one thing only, champion your business some fresh, 


exclusive sales leads. From our online marketing efforts, on-air broadcasting, media 


acquisitions, and national marketing strategies, we offer a sizable amount of real sales leads 


at a fraction of the cost.  Just compare us to the other top ten major nationals and see for yourself.






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