Exclusive Sales Lead Generation

Ask any sales professional what makes for a great sales lead and they will tell you this: "the most recent, fresh, low cost, and exclusive leads are the best for proven and consistent conversion." At Champion Leads, we strive to bring your sales staff exactly what they have been looking for. True and concise, our leads are guaranteed fresh, they are always 100% exclusive, and our costs just cannot be beat! 

B2B (Business to Business) Live Transfer Leads


Reaching out to our nationwide database of opted-in individual consumers and business owners has never been easier. We transfer over live prospests who are interested in your products and services live and exclusive to any contact number(s) you provide us.  


Finally experience REAL ROI from sales lead packages starting from $500 - $700 and eventually upgrade to our corporate enterprise live transfer packages where the cost per lead is less that $1.99!


Sales Executives that receive our Live Transfer Leads experience: 


  • Building a healthy sales leads pipeline overnight

  • High volume sales leads that satisfy any sales floor from 2 reps to 200+ seats

  • Lowest costs per lead / lowest costs of acquisition

  • Our Champion Leads delivered directly to their sales reps

  • Custom built live sales lead / transfer lead campaigns 

  • Around the clock technical support and an assigned account manager 


Internet Marketing Leads


Internet marketing, or online marketing is the #1, highly sought-after type of advertising in the world! Businesses that need to grow locally and/or nationally count on SEO companies to help manage and dominate :


  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Social Media Marketing and Optimization

  • Search Engine Marketing

  • Reputation Management

  • PPC, AdWords, YouTube Video Advertising

  • Mobile Applications (apps) Design - Developement - Implementation


Try our internet marketing leads and experience increased sales conversions with very little effort! 

B2C (Business to Consumer) Live Transfer Leads


Whether you're an Insurance Carrier, Agency Owner, or Individual Producer;  Whether you're starting an MLM and need to attract sponsees, an HVAC company looking for local or national business, whether you sell Pain Creams/Gels, Home Health Aid Products, or anything B2C oriented, our business to consumer database gets high-fives all around! 


Our clients get to enjoy:


  • FDNC Scubbed data lists and record sets 

  • 100% free and included with any package

  • State Legislature-based Do-not-Call lists updated weekly

  • Targeting consumers with confidence by contacting the right type of prospect

  • A rigorous cellphone suppression list, included with every data upload

  • Increased talk time with prospects, immediately, using our state-of-the-art cloud platform



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